My moan for the day – Bumpety Bump

The awful state of our footpaths and pavements in Chichester.

Have you ever stopped to look at the pavements you are walking on? I have been forced to notice them recently, especially on my estate, while taking my beautiful grandson for walks in his buggy.  The pavements are so patchy his poor little body is bounced around like a rubber ball.

Work has also begun on installing broadband, or something similar, on my estate. Unsightly lines, approximately a foot wide, snake their way along the footpaths now, leaving an unattractive patchwork across the whole of the estate. I understand technology needs to move on but why can’t the company installing the wires, or whatever it is they are doing, tarmac over the whole of the pavement, giving a decent finish to their work?

I heard from someone recently that apparently there was extra cash in the pot to fix roads and pavements. So some bright spark has decided that pavements leading to doctors’ surgeries should take priority. Sorry, why? How many people have actually gone into the surgery and said “I’ve just tripped up as I walked here due to the poor state of the pavement”? My point is, why doesn’t the person in charge of maintenance of footpaths and pavements actually take the time to walk the city, and I mean the whole city – I pay my Council Tax too – and do the work on the pavements that are in a bad way.

I talk about “my estate”, I mean ‘Arundel Park’ estate. I have been made aware of just how awful it is for any mum, grandmother etc. to push their baby/child along the uneven pavements around the estate – made worse by the snake of tarmac – but also, because there are so few dropped kerbs in which I can continue my travel without having to bounce the buggy down. It’s utterly ridiculous! Then, once I’m in the town, my grandson has to endure the rumble of the bricked paving that runs down every main street. My father-in-law tried getting my (now sadly late) mother-in-law out of the house by pushing her in a wheelchair down the town. She was so distressed by the bouncing that she cried, and asked to be taken home.

So if you are reading this and you can do something about it, please do. If you don’t believe me try pushing a wheelchair or buggy, or even sitting in a wheelchair yourself and see how bad it is. And take note of the pavements and lack of drop kerbs, while you’re doing it and fix them first.


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