My moan for the day – Diversion

Roads that are closed without warning.

Isn’t it incredibly frustrating when you get to a road and it’s closed with a Diversion sign? I came across one of them tonight on my way home from bingo in Leigh Park. I don’t like going the back way home through Funtington and East Ashling because there aren’t any lights so I drive through Havant to get onto the A27.

Well tonight they’ve put a load of cones along the slip road, diverting cars back up the A27, but this time going West. Why? Where would that have taken you? So, annoyingly, I had to drive back into Havant and took the route to Emsworth – well I started too but then I realised that the slip road onto the A27 was open so I went that way. Why wasn’t the diversion aimed that way too?

Another thing that’s fricking annoying is that they don’t warn you the flipping road is closed early enough so you can take another route. Where there are other routes available there should be a board informing you that road is closed, directly where the alternative route is – I could’ve taken two other routes home if I’d been warned early enough!

After a rubbish evening at bingo this was the last thing I needed.


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