My moan for the day – Can you drive?

Tailgaters! How annoying are they?

There’s really nothing worse is there, when you’re trying to stick to the speed limit, some a_hole is driving so close they can almost see the grey roots on your head. You’d think that with the new speeding fines now in place they would actually appreciate you keeping them within the speed limits.

I have to admit my temper does reach boiling point when I glance in my rear view mirror and I can see the spinach caught in the driver behind me’s teeth. The Highway Code teaches drivers that they will need 23m to stop when driving at a speed of 30mph. I was always taught the ‘2 second rule’. suggest “if you are being tailgated by someone, then gently ease off the gas and allow the space in front of you to increase”. Me, I slow right down to almost a standstill, and keep hitting the brakes. If you’re gonna annoy me, I’m gonna annoy you!


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