My moan for the day – Food but not as we know it

Cold food…and I don’t mean salads!

As a special treat today, hubby and I decided to go to our Wetherspoons in town for breakfast. We both decided on the fry up, cos let’s face it, it’s a lot less hassle than cooking it at home. Well what a mistaka to maka.

My fried egg was cold, burnt on the bottom, and to cap it all, not runny! Who doesn’t like a runny egg? So to was the bacon, beans, tiny half of a tomato, and toast. Thankfully the sausage wasn’t – but then I’m not keen on sausages so hubby tends to eat most of it. Oh, but the plate wasn’t cold….like that helped!

The egg was replaced with a slightly better one after I moaned (I know, shocker, me moaning) by one member of staff. When another appeared and asked if everything was ok my hubby did his usual “yes, lovely, thank you” (finger down the throat) but guess what I said? You go it! She offered to put it in the microwave – bless her!

So, if you’re thinking about going to Spoons for brekkie, don’t. We’ll certainly be trying somewhere else in future.


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