My moan for the day – Ring the Goddam buzzer!

Queues! I mean seriously! You stand in a queue behind people with a basket full of stuff, or two in my case, and the cashier attends both of those people before deciding to ring the bell to get assistance. It was my go next fgs! How did I get through the queue any quicker by you ringing the bell? I was only buying a loaf of bread. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do in a local convenience store? Not £30 worth.

So please, cashier, if you see more than two people in the queue, quickly gauge their purchases and RING THE GODDAM BUZZER earlier!

An update to this post. We’ve recently had an Aldi open nearby. When the queues start to build a tannoy automatically goes out to tell customers that a new till is opening. This in turn alerts staff that someone needs to go on to the cashdesk. If Aldi can have this technology why can’t others?



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