My moan of the day – Hold your lane!

People that don’t hold their lane on a roundabout are extremely annoying.

I  was on my final road back home from a long day of driving tonight (with lots of stops I might add), when a young female driver decided that her lane just wasn’t wide enough for her little, and I mean little, red car. We both joined the roundabout at Fontwell at roughly the same time. Me in the right lane, her in the left. Both lanes took you down the A27 towards Chichester. Being in the right lane I had to drive tight around the roundabout, whereas she had the whole of the outside of the roundabout to travel. But no, she thought better of it and decided to drive straight towards the middle of the roundabout….yep! straight towards me. Thankfully I was quick to back off but I held nothing back when I pressed the horn.

Why can’t some people hold their lane on a roundabout? It’s called a ’round’about for a reason….it’s ROUND! You are supposed to drive on a curve, not straight. You must understand that? After all, you’ve also driven down a ‘straight’ road to get to the roundabout in the first place.

So please, think about your road position next time you are on a roundabout. It’s not fair that if you cause an accident on the roundabout through inconsiderate driving, that the other driver is usually found to be equally to blame.


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