My moan for the day – Accident waiting to happen

Why, when you’ve just had a stupid accident in the car, does every other driver on the road seem determined to make you have another?

Thinking I’d done all the necessary checks I reversed the car out of a parking space straight into the side of a car that was suddenly directly behind me. Anyways, enough said about that. But since then I’ve had someone nearly drive into my boot cos he was looking at what the rest of the traffic were doing. A taxi suddenly aimed it’s car at my passenger door as I drove passed it. A driver drove straight onto a roundabout without looking as I was coming round in my lane. And worst of all, though not down to a poor driver, I and many other drivers, narrowly missed a shed frontage on the A7 while doing 65mph. This is to name but a few. I think I’ll stay in bed tomorrow.