Moan of the Day – Are you paying for Surface Water?

Did you know that you might be being charged for Surface Water Drainage by Southern Water?

Now it might not just be Southern Water. (I’m with them so that’s why I’ve only mentioned them.) We found this out because we recently had to have Southern Water out due to flooding in the garage. Through discussions it turns out they aren’t actually responsible for the Surface Water Drainage. However, we have up until this week, been charged by them for this service.

On the old paper statements we were informed as to what exactly they were taking payment for. Everything was itemised. On our new statements it just says “Wastage”. Apparently, it is each home owner’s responsibility to question their bill. But how can you question something you don’t even know you are being charged for?

To find out whether your property/road should, or not, be paying for Surface Water Drainage, simply go onto the Southern Water site. Set up a login, and fill in a form specifically for working out whether you should be paying for Surface Water or not. It’s as simple as that. They will only back date you to 2015 – which I think is appalling – but we have just received a refund of £69 for 2 past years, and the current year. Surely that’s not to be sniffed at?

Don’t sit back and do nothing. It is your money and not theirs.


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